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The 6th Guangzhou International Lithium Battery Industry Expo 2020


October 13-15, 2020

Pazhou International Sourcing Centre, Guangzhou, China

Zhongqi Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
FCE Exhibition Group

Guangzhou Zhongqi Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou First-Class Exhibition Co., Ltd
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● Professional organizations——The exhibition is an international brand event for Lithium Battery industry held by Guangzhou Zhongqi Exhibition Co.,Ltd. conducted in accordance with the principle of "Specialization, Internationalization and Brand". Co-organized by many domestic and foreign organizations, it wins support from both government and industry authorities. During the exhibition, the leaders from the Ministry of Commerce, the provincial and municipal leaders and industry insiders will come to the exhibition and attend the ribbon-cutting opening ceremony.
● Large procurement teams——
A large number of import and export traders, agents and distributors of lithium battery and supporting facilities from China, USA, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, Middle East, Japan, Korea, India, Turkey, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions will be invited to the event, and the delegations of the relevant internationally renowned procurement associations will also visit the event for procurement.
● High-end forum——
Authoritative experts in Chinese and foreign battery industry will be invited, who will discuss the latest dynamics, trends, division of labor, related countermeasures and many other hot topics about Chinese and foreign lithium battery industry. They will give an in-depth report on the development status and problems of Chinese lithium battery industry, conduct the study report on the market situation on lithium battery and make a detailed speech on product development and technical innovation, etc. Then, the influential companies in lithium battery field will be arranged to introduce their products, latest technology trends, etc. We also intend to invite senior officials from the Chinese government, relevant experts and scholars, representatives of internationally renowned organizations, famous lithium battery suppliers and buyers, representatives of China’s lithium battery enterprises and other professional visitors to the exhibition, who will provide authoritative industry guidance for the development, international exchanges and cooperation for China's lithium battery industry. The forum will be the best platform for obtaining the information about lithium battery industry and grasping the international market.
※ Expo Overview
n the era of energy scarcity, green, energy saving and environmental protection become the core themes of economic development. New energy vehicles has many advantages, such as good environmental performance, good fuel economy and low running cost, which not only protect the environment, but also alleviate the energy shortage, adjust the energy structure and ensure energy security. lithium battery is a major part of new energy sources, and it is foreseeable that China's lithium battery new energy will get a rapid development in the future.
Guangdong is one of China's major battery export bases. The volume of battery products exported through Guangdong account for half of China’s total battery export volume each year. Battery products are exported through traders, agents and import & export trade companies or exported directly in Guangdong. China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) is held in spring and autumn in Guangzhou every year, and over 110 sessions have been held, making Guangzhou has been the preferred destination for international buyers to buy Chinese products; meanwhile, a large number of international buyers visit the exhibition and buy products. Guangzhou International lithium battery Expo 2020 will enable enterprises to establish contact with export agents and international buyers directly and obtain more export orders.
Guangdong is China's largest battery production and consumption base, and its annual battery consumption accounts for 1/3 of China’s total battery consumption. Guangdong has become the most attractive battery consumption market in China, even in the world. Through participating in the lithium battery new energy fair held in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong Province, you can well show your company’s brand image and have a close dialogue with customers, thus obtaining more orders.
As the capital of Guangdong province, a frontier city for reform and opening-up as well as an important window for China's foreign trade, Guangzhou has solid economic strength and high market potential. Located in the heart of the Pan-Pearl River Delta economic region, Guangzhou is adjacent to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, radiates the Southeast Asia and boasts convenient sea, land and air transport, broad market radiation and developed economy. With the implementation of CEPA, the regional cooperation, development and positive interaction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the Pan-Pearl River Delta (9 +2) will surely create good development prospects for battery new energy industry. In response to the fast-growing new energy vehicle and supporting facility industry, Guangzhou Zhongqi Exhibition Co.,Ltd., in cooperation with the industry authorities, has decided to hold " The 6th Guangzhou International Lithium Battery Industry Expo 2020" (LBE 2020) at Guangzhou Pazhou International Sourcing Centre from October 13-15, 2020. The exhibition will deepen the connotation of the activities, adhere to the exhibition purpose of promoting the development of the industry and serving the enterprises, and provide the exhibitors with an international business platform for business development, technical exchange, strength display, information acquisition, customer development, promotion of new products and partner seeking.
Adhering to the exhibition purpose of "Brand Emphasis, Exploration and Innovation, Results Orientation, Service Enhancing", and in reliance on the unique creativity, scientific organization and management and excellent service, we will, with a new concept, provide a display and exchange platform of "High Level, High Taste and High Quality" for the Chinese and foreign exhibitors, offer more cooperation opportunities for lithium battery industry, and actively promote China’s lithium battery into the global procurement system, so as to achieve coordination and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results as well as common development and progress with the world’s lithium battery industry.
※ Exhibition schedule
Registration and installation of exhibits:October 11-12, 2020
Exhibition time:October 13-15, 2020
Dismantle of exhibits:October 15, 2020
※ Targets Visitors
The main target audience who will be invited by the organizer include:

1. Users of the consumer electronics industry, new energy vehicle industry and electric bicycle industry;
2. Leaders from the Ministry of Commerce, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State Environmental Protection Administration and other departments, bureaus and centers; leaders of provincial and municipal competent departments, large enterprises and institutions; leaders of colleges and universities, scientific research units, design institutes, research institutes and associations (societies);
3. Supervisors of bus, taxi, environmental sanitation and postal units and other relevant units; supervisors of stations, airports, docks, real estate companies, large property management companies, golf courses, tourist attractions, parks, stadiums, colleges & universities, hospitals, nursing homes, resorts and other units;
4. Domestic and foreign famous manufacturers, agents, distributors, trading companies and industry insiders.
※ Exhibits Scope
◆ Various series of batteries:
lithium ion batteries, primary lithium batteries, rechargeable lithium ion batteries, polymer lithium ion batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, lead-acid batteries, air batteries, super-capacitors, sodium sulfur batteries, flow batteries, zinc manganese batteries, alkaline manganese batteries, nickel-zinc batteries, silver zinc batteries, thermal batteries, fuel cells, vanadium batteries, semiconductor thermoelectric modules and other new batteries, etc;
◆ Various combination batteries: group batteries for feature phones and smart phones, laptops and tablet computers, walkie-talkies, cordless phones, digital cameras, portable DVDs, emergency lighting, electric toys, UPS, railway locomotives and passenger cars, subway cars, and ships, and mobile powers for various portable electronic products;
◆ Power batteries and management systems: various power batteries and battery management systems for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, power tools, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, etc;
◆ Electric vehicle charging (swap) stations and related facilities:
charging (swap) station intelligent networks, electric vehicle charging station products, power distribution equipment of charging station, battery charging and replacement and battery management systems, parking lot charging facilities and intelligent monitoring equipment, charging station power supply solutions, smart grid solutions for charging stations, etc;
◆ Various energy storage batteries:
energy storage batteries and system solutions for wind power generation, solar power generation, wind-photovoltaic systems, micro-grids, solar street lamps, lawn lamps, landscape lamps, traffic lights and other products;
◆ Solar cells, systems and application products:
silicon solar cells and materials; film solar cells and materials; transparent solar cell encapsulation materials; production equipment and testing equipment for solar cells and modules; solar street lamps, lawn lamps, traffic lights, etc; solar charging devices; user photovoltaic powers, grid-connected photovoltaic systems and photovoltaic power transmission and distribution equipment; wind-photovoltaic power generation systems; inverters; measurement and control systems; solar system control software, etc.;
◆ Various series of battery production equipment, automated packaging machinery, labeling machines, test equipment, chargers, raw materials, spare parts, etc; various series of environment-efficient equipment for batteries, battery recycling technologies, etc; battery testing and certification organizations, etc;
◆ Exhibition of new energy industry base achievements:
new energy industry bases, investment promotion, industrial incubators, supporting service facilities, achievement exhibition, etc.
※ Participation Fees
● Standard Booth: (
Should be added 10℅ charge if ordering two-sided opening standard booth
Booth categories Standard Booth Indoor Raw Space
Domestic enterprise CNY 12900/one CNY 1290/m²
Oversea enterprise USD 3500/one USD 350/ m²
Remarks: 1) Space of 36m² is the minimum renting quantity; 2) Cost of construction management:28 CNY/m²; 3)Standard booth disposes materials including partition walls of three sides; one desk, two chairs; one stand garbage can; basic lighting (2 lamps) and one 13 amp power point(5A/220V) .
Journal advertising(The proceedings are printed with the colored art paper precisely, which size is: 130mm×210mm)。
Front cover: CNY 30000 Inside front cover and inside back cover: CNY 12000
Title page: CNY 10000 Black and white page: CNY 3000
Back cover: CNY 20000 color trans page : CNY 15000
color page: CNY 6000 500 introduction: CNY 2000
Other advertising

Arched door: CNY 20000 /one balloon: CNY 5000/one
entrance ticket: CNY 50000/100000 pieces invitation card: CNY 20000/50000
handbag: CNY 20000/2000 lady serving at ceremony: CNY 500/person/day
Colored flag: CNY 600/one Flower basket: CNY 300/one
Technology exchanging and Product technology briefing conference:
CNY 8000/40 minutes/onemeeting(providing site,light,sound equipment,desk-chair equipment).
Registration fee for a conference:
CNY 1000/person (including souvenir, lunch, drink).
Limited in three sponsors. Detailed references are available on request. (For detailed information, please refer to the index).
Participation procedure
● The applicant should fill in the “Participating-exhibition application” carefully, the person in charge must sign and seal it, and then fax them with business license to the committee. Transfer the fee in advance(or 50% deposit) to the assigned account number within seven days after applying, then assure the place for exhibition, and pay off the balance before October 1, 2020.
● If the participant wants to transfer the exhibition stand to other companies without  permission, the sponsor has the right to revoke his exhibition booth and won’t return participation fees. Uproot fake, inferior and tort goods;If the participant’s exhibits do not assort with exhibition requirements, the sponsor will reserve the right of disqualifying and not returning participation fees.
● Stand and Advertising are arranged by the subcommittee, our distribution principles: “apply first, pay first, get first” The assistant unit will be given priority arrangement; the finial right for stands adjustment will be reserved by subcommittee. Without the permission, the qualification of exhibition will be withdrawn if the businessman wants only to transfer the exhibiting place, uproot fake and inferior goods.
● After transfering all fees, the participants fax the transfer bank receives to subcommittee for reference. Invoice will be issued by the subcommittee financial section in the spot or post  according to your request. The fee for exhibition will not be returned if they resign during the course. If the exhibition stops because of some unresisting factors (such as war, nature disaster, epidemic situation, administrative decree), both sides needn’t abey to the contract, and ascertain responsibility of the other side’s breaking the contract, the fees of the participants will be returned.
● The Admission Notice and handbook about participating in the exhibition will be posted, sent or e-mail to all the participants before one month of the exhibition.
Welcome you all to participate in the exhibition. Applications and registrations are now being processed and please contact the organizing committee.It is better to make full use of LBE 2020 to consolidate your position on the market.